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How to Make an Eye Pointer with Dr. Jean

I met Dr. Jean Feldman in 2000 at the very first “I Teach K!” conference. As she danced and sang along with us to “I Like You,” “Hello, Neighbor,” and..

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How to Make a Treasure Box with Dr. Jean

Dr. Jean’s cheers saved me and my students. I didn’t have to buy stickers or trinkets for rewards or constantly keep track of a behavior chart. All I..

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How to Make a Cell Phone with Dr. Jean

Leave it to Dr. Jean to come up with a way to appropriately incorporate the infamous cell phone in the classroom. I love how easy she makes it to..

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How to Make a Backpack with Dr. Jean

Have you ever had trouble starting the day? When I began teaching, the morning routine was rough. Before I knew it, precious minutes of the day..

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Easy Family Photo Frame for Pre-K Teachers

Transitioning back to school after a summer break can be particularly hard for 3’s and 4’s. Separation anxiety can hit this age group pretty easily as..

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5 Common Literacy Gaps in Your Pre-K Curriculum

As today’s rigorous Pre-K learning expectations continue to evolve, it's more important than ever to ensure that your littlest learners receive daily..

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4 Ways to Rally a Resistant Staff

We recently conducted a study on the topic of kindergarten readiness. Not only did our findings bring clarity around the current state of kindergarten..

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3 "Stay Cool" Learning Ideas

If you're still waiting for a cool-weather breeze at your school, you may need to hear these three little words: ice is nice! Find some shade and try..

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22 Beachy Books for Pre-K Summer Reads

Your Pre-K kids have heard the news: school’s almost out. Maybe it’s time to crack open the summer vault and read some hot-weather beach books. Think..

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10 Ways for ALL Parents to Build the Classroom Community

Parents can be a teachers’ greatest advocate or biggest concern.

As early childhood teachers ourselves, we’ve had plenty of experience with parents,..

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  • Brian Childs

    Brian Childs is a veteran and former teacher in the Greater Orlando area. He has experience teaching in every grade level from elementary to adult education. He is the creator of the parenting...

  • Lesley Fields

    On my last day of kindergarten, my teacher encouraged the class to come dressed as the person they wanted to be when they grew up. Amidst a sea of cheerleaders, ballerinas, cowboys, and a...

  • Carrie Contey, Ph.D.

    Carrie Contey, PhD is a internationally recognized coach, author, speaker and educator. Her work offers a new perspective on human development, parenting, family life and being a healthy, happy,...

  • Jill Eggleton

    Jill Eggleton is the author of the Key Links Literacy series. As an international educational consultant and teacher, Jill has 30 years of teaching and administration experience. She is...

  • Aimee Karr

    As a former elementary school teacher, Aimee knows the value of balance in the classroom. She uses her hands-on knowledge to create products with just the right balance of rigor and play — right...

  • Alison Schmerler

    A lifelong Letter People lover and experienced Kindergarten teacher (18 years in the classroom in fact!), I have called Abrams Learning Trends my professional home for the last 16 years....

  • Abrams Learning...

    As former educators, parents of school-age children, and former quirky kids ourselves, education is near and dear to our hearts. That’s why we have dedicated our work to supporting schools...

  • Erin King

    Like you, I wear many hats—proud mama, devoted wife, passionate teacher, life-long learner, sister, daughter, friend, colleague...and VP of Marketing for Abrams Learning Trends.

  • Gare Thompson

    Gare Thompson started his educational career as a kindergarten teacher. Over the course of his career, he has taught each grade level and has educated hundreds—maybe even thousands—of children in...

  • Aaron Mayers, CEO

    Similar to many of our stories, my personal interest in improving literacy was stoked by a mother who was an elementary school teacher, and a father who published one of the most successful...