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52 Pre-K Activities and Why You Need Them

52 Pre-K Activities and Why You Need ThemAs former teachers and parents of our own little learners, we understand the importance of providing developmentally and academically appropriate activities to Pre-K children. Although simple, building foundational concepts during the Pre-K years plays an exceptionally powerful role in kindergarten readiness.

Since our Pre-K program is packed with fun activities, we wanted to share them with today's Pre-K educators for free. To receive a free Pre-K activity a week for an entire year, sign up here. 

Why Pre-K Teachers Need Fresh Activities

1. Pre-K Teachers Need to Be Like Mary Poppins

Just as the children under Mary Poppins' care were amazed by the items she pulled from her never-ending bag, Pre-K students are also wowwed by new, creative activities. That means teachers are constantly on the prowl for new things to pull out of their "teacher bag"!

mary poppins pre-k teacher

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2. Pre-K Teachers Run Out of Ideas

Pre-K children are hungry...hungry for more doing, playing, learning, and exploring! Keeping up with their appetites for new activities day after day can make even the most seasoned Pre-K teachers toss up their hands.

teacher running out of ideas

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3. Pre-K Teachers Love to Learn

Whether it’s from Pinterest, a favorite website, Facebook, or even peering across the hall into your neighbor's classroom, teachers appreciate collaborating with peers and value the significant role it plays in their own professional growth.

matilda always learning

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Get 52 Fresh Pre-K Activities

Every teacher needs a little extra inspiration to keep their creative juices flowing. That's why we want to email you a free Pre-K activity once a week. Have friends or colleagues at your school who could use some fun and fresh ideas? Encourage them to sign up too!